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The first of the New Year marks a popular time to set goals and make resolutions. It’s no surprise that the top two most popular resolutions are to exercise more and lose weight. Residents of The Woodlands Hills don’t have to look far to seek out their wellness endeavors.

Whether you tap the 10,600 square-foot indoor/outdoor Activity Center or take in the numerous pathways, bike lanes, and open spaces, The Woodlands Hills offers so many options that are set among a backdrop of a beautiful natural setting just steps away from home.

Here are some ways that neighbors in The Woodlands Hills are taking advantage of the many health and wellness amenities to get into shape and stay fit and healthy:

  • Pathways & Trails:  You can easily get in several miles of running without having to navigate a major roadway as The Woodlands Hills has an extensive number of interconnected pathways and trails.  They also are ideal for a bike ride with the whole family or a power walk with friends.
  • Dedicated Bike Lanes:  Perhaps one of the most unique and popular amenities in The Woodlands Hills is the dedicated bike lanes on major thoroughfares. These provide a segregated lane for cyclists – as well as peace of mind – so you can enjoy the ride along a peaceful, nature-laced setting.
  • Fitness Center:  The state-of-the-art fitness center is always buzzing with activity. From weight training on machines or free weights to cardio machines and TRX suspension workout equipment for building strength and cardiovascular endurance, the ultimate workout awaits.  Utilizing Wellbeats, a virtual fitness program, residents can catch a variety of fitness classes on-demand in one of the Flex Rooms – such as cycling, deep stretching, or Pilates.
  • Yoga Lawn:  The outdoor yoga/fitness lawn adjacent to the fitness center offers the perfect green space to exercise. Grab your fitness mat and a friend to practice some yoga poses or do your own exercise routine with dumbbells and resistance bands.
  • Swim Laps:  The outdoor fitness pool remains open year-round to splash out a couple of laps. Whether your specialty is the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke, sidestroke, or simply freestyle, swimming is an excellent way to get in some low-impact exercise.
  • Tennis:  The tennis courts serve up yet another option for great exercise. Set adjacent to the Activity Center and resort-style pool in Founders Park, four tennis courts offer some good game action for friendly competition.
  • Nature Trails:  You don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to get in some healthy exercise. A brisk walk or a hike along one of the many nature trails is not only good for your heart, it’s also relaxing. Along these forested natural trails, you’re likely to come across a trickling stream or two, offering the perfect opportunity to slow down the pace and take some time to soak up the sights and sounds of nature.

Since The Woodlands Hills offers so many options to attain health, fitness and wellness that’s conveniently close to home, chances are you’re sure to stay the course with your resolutions throughout the whole year!