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Father’s Day is just around the corner. When Sunday, June 17 rolls around, you can feel great about showing him he’s extra special and how much he’s loved. Here are 10 meaningful, memorable (and affordable) ways to celebrate dad:

1. Take a load off dad with coupons for chores.

    • Create easy DIY chore coupons that dad can cash in on in the future. (Be sure to honor them!)

2. Go on a bike ride around the neighborhood.

    • This is a fun way to get the whole family together.

3. Have a movie night.

    • Pop the popcorn; open a box of his candy of choice; and settle in for your father’s favorite movie.

4.  Deliver a pizza party.

    • If your dad is a pro in the kitchen, pick up some pizza dough, favorite pizza toppings, and make your own pizza with him. Yum!

5. Create a personalized playlist.

    • Make a playlist of all your dad’s favorite songs or songs that remind you of him.

6.  Hold a classic game night.

    • Breakout Monopoly and have a showdown with dad.

7. Take him out for ice cream.

    • If your dad has a sweet tooth, then bring him to his favorite ice cream spot and dig into some delicious family time.

8. Make some S’mores.

    • There’s nothing like sitting around the campfire/fire pit, eating s’mores, and sharing stories with dad.

9. Play ball!

    • A classic father and kid activity. Grab a ball and a glove and head to your local park.

10. Tell him why you love him.

    • Don’t forget to simply tell him why you love the fact that he is your father. Priceless!

Enjoy a Happy Father’s Day!