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One day each year, people all over the world take time to celebrate our amazing and beautiful planet. In The Woodlands Hills, we celebrate Earth Day every day. It’s part of our mission, and it’s built into the very fabric of our eco-friendly community.

A Community Dedicated to Mother Earth

We enjoy and embrace the natural world and way of life. That’s why we are leaving the community as forested as possible, so residents are able to enjoy nature and wildlife within The Woodlands Hills. We also embrace the natural heritage and vision of our sister community, The Woodlands. As you drive through our neighborhood, you will see lots of forested areas, nature and natural terrain.

Neighbors Who Love Nature

Our residents love nature and our planet, and we will help foster that love by providing 112 acres of open space, 20 neighborhood parks, nature trails with a natural surface along many streams, and 10 miles of trails that connect neighborhoods, schools and streets. Every inch of The Woodlands Hills is planned to help residents embrace their natural surroundings — and do it with likeminded people.

Builders Building for a Better Planet

In The Woodlands Hills, all homesites include a 7-foot natural tree buffer within their fence line. That means all residents enjoy 14 feet of barrier between their home and their back neighbor’s. All of our builders are required to adhere to this standard.

Furthermore, all of our builders utilize energy-efficient technologies in their homes. Examples of eco-friendly additions include high-efficiency appliances, low-E windows, engineered floor systems and sealed ductwork — all to help reduce your carbon footprint and take care of Mother Earth.

We only have one Earth, and we love celebrating it and those who promote and preserve it. Join us in recognizing Earth Day today and every day.