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As spring awakens the landscapes, The Woodlands Hills is home to many native Flowering Dogwood trees, which thrive in the community’s topography. They are currently blooming in this early spring season, bursting with snowy-white flowers with about four petals each.

These small, low-branched trees typically grow to a height of 10 to 20 feet and can live up to 80 years. They thrive in moist soils within forested, shady areas under other hardwoods and pines, which makes The Woodlands Hills the perfect place for them to live!

Dogwood trees offer several ecological benefits. Their berries contain seeds that are high in calcium and fat, making them a valuable food source for a variety of birds and resident wildlife. The flowers attract pollinators, including bees and butterflies. As an understory tree, dogwoods contribute to the biodiversity and structural complexity of forests and provide shelter for a wide range of animals.

“Dogwood trees right now are blooming and punctuating the natural landscape of The Woodlands Hills with vibrant and enchanting beauty,” said Kelly Dietrick, Director of Planning and Development for Howard Hughes, the developer of The Woodlands Hills.

Residents can enjoy stepping out for a walk or a hike among the many nature-laced pathways and trails and take in the elegant beauty of the Flowering Dogwood trees adorning the scenery of The Woodlands Hills.