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The exceptional quality of farm-fresh, locally grown items and crafted artisan products is truly remarkable. Several nearby Farmers’ Markets near The Woodlands Hills offer a delightful array of seasonal offerings. Here are just a few worth visiting:

Twisted T Farm

Twisted T Farm is a family-owned farm, selling fruits and vegetables, eggs, berries, syrup, honey, butter, and seasonings, as well as all-natural personal care goods and laundry and dish soap. They also offer canning classes, consultation services and tours.

Hours of Operation:  Open 8AM to 1PM Monday, 9AM to 3PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday.

8181 County Line, Willis, TX


Photo Credit: Twisted T Farm

Bushels & Blooms

Bushels & Blooms is a woman-owned market, offering a variety of seasonal, locally grown produce and plants, along with, milk, chicken eggs, duck eggs, and grass-fed meat, as well as wrought iron works and various goods from market vendors.

Hours of Operation:  Open Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 6PM, and Sunday from 9AM to 4PM.  

6019 W. Davis St., Conroe, TX


Photo Credit: Bushels & Blooms

The Woodlands Farmer’s Market

As a popular non-profit venue, The Woodlands Farmer’s Market hosts a variety of local vendors, local produce, prepared food, artisan goods, global fare, and natural beauty products.

Hours of Operation:  Open Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM October through June, and from 9 AM to noon July through September.

Grogan’s Mill Village Center

7 Switchbud Place, The Woodlands, TX


Photo Credit: The Woodlands Farmers Market

Montgomery Farmer’s Market

Montgomery Farmer’s Market brings together a select group of naturally oriented farmers, ranchers, and food manufacturers from all over the North Houston region. Enjoy pasture raised chicken, free range eggs, produce and microgreens, local honey and honeycomb, home-made canned goods, baked goods, grass-fed beef.  Open Saturday 9 AM to noon.

19785 Hwy. 105 West, Montgomery, TX


Experience the joy of nearby locally sourced produce and artisan goods as you settle into your new home in The Woodlands Hills.