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Buying a new home is one of the most thrilling milestones in life. With the group of quality homebuilders in The Woodlands Hills offering so many flexible floorplans and options, it’s a great opportunity for a fresh new start to embark on organization to fit your lifestyle.

Having a decluttered and organized home can provide a more efficient way of living, reduce stress, and save time.

According to local professional organizer Melanie Wolford-Mazorra of Coordinated Spaces by Melanie, here are several ways to take advantage of the clean slate that moving into a new home offer:

  • Install closet organization pieces such as cubicles, shelves, colorful storage boxes, and two- or three-tiered racks to hang clothes.
  • Put a desk inside a spare closet to create a make-shift home office space. Go vertical with shelves to hold storage containers of office supplies and files.
  • Install pull-out drawers in lower kitchen cabinets and pull-out shelves in the pantry for quick and easy access.
  • Place see-through storage containers in the laundry room, bathroom cabinets, and linen closets for the optimal neat and clean look.
  • Throughout the garage, install space saving equipment to store garage items such high-set shelves with transparent storage boxes, pegboards for neatly displayed tools and poles for hanging golf bags and bicycles up off the floor.
  • Hang racks on the inside of cabinet, closet and pantry doors for extra hide-away storage.

Your home is your haven and having a place for everything allows everything to be in place. Ahhh! Now that’s better!