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Willis High School graduate, Piper Neuman, is among 27 area high school graduates & college students to have been awarded a scholarship by The Howard Hughes Corporation for college endeavors. She plans to attend Dallas College North Lake.

This is the fifth annual scholarship The Howard Hughes Corporation has awarded to a Willis High School graduate, continuing the developer’s tradition of funding scholarships since the 1980s.

Students are selected for the scholarship by Willis High School, the school where students residing in The Woodlands Hills attend. The criteria are based on academics and extracurricular activities. In addition, the seniors are asked to write an essay describing why they like living in Montgomery County, and Piper did an amazing job with her magnificent writing.

Reflecting part of her essay, she wrote, “Montgomery County is home to many of the people who have watched me grow up and have supported me. From learning to ride a bike, to starting my volleyball career, and graduating high school, my biggest steps in life have taken place here. Montgomery County holds true to morals I value and practice. I would not want to have lived my childhood anywhere else.”

Among the scholarships awarded this year includes the first Howard Hughes Education Foundation through the Willis ISD Education Foundation. The inaugural recipient was Maria Calderon.

Congratulations to Willis High School recipients!