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Two recent graduates from Willis High School – Rylee Neumann and Ronald Young, Jr. – are among several high school graduates to have been awarded a scholarship by The Howard Hughes Corporation for college. Rylee plans to attend North Texas University, and Ronald plans to attend Sam Houston State University.

Over the years, Howard Hughes has awarded seven scholarships to Willis High School graduates. This year, Howard Hughes awarded 30 scholarships to local high school graduates and to Lone Star College students. Scholarships have been awarded to graduates through an educational funding initiative launched in the 1980s in which Howard Hughes continues today.  

Rylee was ranked #9 in her class of 532 and took several classes that earned college credit. She was a stand-out volleyball player and served on the student council all four years. She was appointed to the National Honor Society in her junior and senior years and she has been very active in her church and worship leadership, as well as related community service volunteerism. Rylee has aspirations to pursue a career in Children’s Ministry.

Ronald achieved an all A and B honor roll and had perfect attendance. He also earned an IT Fundamentals Pro Certificate. Ronald’s goal is to double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. After graduating, he plans to work at Hewlett Packard’s new campus in Montgomery County.

Students are selected for the scholarship by Willis High School, where students residing in The Woodlands Hills attend. The criteria include an essay on why the student enjoys living in Montgomery County.

Rylee’s essay expressed heartfelt sentiments in her writing as she reflected on moving from Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Montgomery County, Texas, when she was three years old.

Sharing part of her essay, Rylee wrote:

“I have been attending Willis ISD since kindergarten. I love Willis. The education I have received from kindergarten all the way to my senior year has prepared me for the next phases of life.

“I could not be more thankful that Montgomery County is my home. I am thankful for the memories, the schooling, my peaceful neighborhood, and the place that helped me become who I am. The experiences I gained while living in Montgomery County is what I love most about it.”

Ronald reflected on his hometown county, where he was born, and all the things there are to do and see in Montgomery County with friends and family.

Here is an excerpt from his essay:

“I don’t just like living in Montgomery County, I love living here. This County is where I was born and raised. I have lived here all of my life, same as my family, and have no plans to move anywhere else.

“In Montgomery County it’s not just about the places you can see and go it’s about the people that live in the cities around it. There is just something special about the people here, they are very kind, hardworking, and chill people that you can just really connect with and get to know very well.”

The Howard Hughes Corporation congratulates Rylee Neumann and Ronald Young, Jr. and wish them all the best in their higher education endeavors!