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The Willis Independent School District, which serves The Woodlands Hills, is shining strong and its future is bright as well. From an improved TEA rating to several improvements and additions on the horizon, students have many advantages to look forward to.

The district proudly holds an overall rating of B on the Texas Education Agency’s accountability scores for 2018-2019. It jumped to a B as it rose to 85 from a score of 77 the previous school year. (The 2019-2020 ratings are not established yet as the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the STAAR testing last spring.)

Overall grades for campuses are calculated based on the schools’ performance in three domains:

  • Student Achievement – how well students do over time and how the school itself is growing
  • School Progress – how well students do over time and how the school itself is growing
  • Closing the Gaps – how different populations in the student body are performing

Additionally, Brabham Middle School, which serves The Woodlands Hills, was among four campuses in the Willis district to win Academic Distinction Designations. Brabham was recognized for both Academic Achievement in Science and Postsecondary Readiness.

Plans are underway for facility upgrades and improvements to each of the campuses. Meador Elementary, which is next to The Woodlands Hills, will be one of four elementary schools to have a gymnasium added. A new elementary school will open next fall, becoming the sixth elementary in the district.

Also, the district is building a new pre-Kindergarten center for three- and four-year-olds and is planning to provide full-time pre-K in 2023.

This school year is off to a strong start with a mixture of both online and in-person learning after gradually phasing students in and complying with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Jamie Fails, Director of Communications for Willis ISD notes, “We are excited to have welcomed students back into our schools earlier this month, and we continue to fully support our students who chose to remain online learners. We want parents to know we appreciate their willingness to walk alongside us through this time and trust that we are making decisions that are in the best interest of students and their learning. Our teachers are just as excited as they have ever been to have students back in their classrooms!” 

Photo Provided by: Willis Independent School District