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Mommy & Me get-togethers provide connections with neighbors in The Woodlands Hills

The Woodlands Hills is truly a great place to live that is full of activities for all ages – especially children.

Moms and their little ones have been busy with Mommy & Me get-togethers in The Woodlands Hills. Whether it’s meeting for a play date at one of the nature-laced parks in The Woodlands Hills, enjoying storytime at the Activity Center, or an off-site trip to a children’s museum or petting zoo, moms and their kiddos have plenty of opportunities to have fun and connect with their neighbors.

Mommy & Me was created by Sarah Speed, who lives in The Woodlands Hills with her husband and almost two-year-old son. It’s not only good for the children to be entertained, learn something new, and socialize, but the moms appreciate the chance to enjoy some great conversation and connection.

“Last summer, when I first became a stay-at-home mom, I felt very isolated,” explains Sarah. “I kept meeting other moms at the park with the same issue. I saw a need for a support system for mothers, so I created one! Mommy & Me has been so helpful for so many women like me. It’s a great resource for new families. It’s been working out very well!”

They organized a family BBQ and an outing for strawberry picking this month. Earlier this year, they enjoyed trips to the Houston Zoo, a visit to Fire Station 94, and participated in a free Kids Workshop hosted by the local Home Depot.

While they’ve enjoyed field trips, the moms and their kids have plenty of opportunities to gather among the indoor and outdoor spaces at the Activity Center in Founders Park as well as among the four other masterfully-designed parks. The Woodlands Hills is truly a hidden gem!