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The perfect destination for relaxing, connecting and entertaining with your neighbors, friends, and family can be found right in your own backyard amongst a private outdoor living retreat. There are so many options for homeowners in The Woodlands Hills to enhance their back patio oasis.


Custom Decking

Decking is a great way to start. Trending right now are tropical hardwoods, such as ipé wood, commonly known as “iron wood” for its resiliency. Tropical hardwoods lend the look of having a luxuriously beautiful hardwood floor on your outside deck; however, this special wood requires annual re-staining and re-sealing, which is more TLC than softer wood such as say a traditional western red cedar requires. As an alternative to traditional wood lumber, composite decking materials provide an environmentally-friendly option made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood that will stand the test of time in Texas weather and save you the cost and trouble of annual maintenance, and it tends to be more kid-friendly.


Once you have your foundation deck in place, you might consider adding a pergola (a.k.a. shade trellis), along with benches and railing accents. A strategically constructed pergola can help cut energy costs from the hot, west-setting sun that can overheat a home’s core living areas. Pergolas let the sun and shade share an equal presence while facilitating a nice breeze. Plus, you can add a translucent top covering to protect from occasional rain showers.

Extended Covered Patios

If you’re thinking of going bigger, consider adding an extended covered patio. This will allow you to add decorative patio furnishings that are protected from the elements. You can also design an outdoor kitchen and grill, a cozy fireplace, an entertainment system complete with a TV and sound system, and elegant accent lighting elements. To fully thwart the seasonal elements, you can add automatic drop-down screens to protect you and your guests from pesky insects, a cooling mist system, and an outdoor heating system.

Architectural Review

Keep in mind that before embarking on your project, modifications to the exterior of your home and property must be submitted to The Woodlands Hills’ Architectural Review Committee for approval before any work begins.

There’s No Place Like Home!

When it comes to adding a bit of the natural world to your living, there are numerous possibilities.  As they say … there’s no place like home!