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The Good Neighbor Day contest results are in!
Your good neighbor stories gave us the warm fuzzies. 

Never underestimate the power of a good neighbor. A simple act of kindness can make lasting impressions on the people on your block. The proof is in the overwhelming response we received to our first Good Neighbor Day contest.

In honor of National Good Neighbor Day on September 28, we asked residents to share, in 500 words or less, their best stories about neighbors helping neighbors through kind, thoughtful acts. The responses tugged at our heartstrings and reminded us that even seemingly little acts can add up to make big differences in people’s lives.

Of the many worthy nominations, three neighbors were chosen to be honored with a special staycation gift package of a two-night stay at The Woodlands Resort, a $150 luxury spa or golf credit, and a $250 gift card to Robard’s Steakhouse. Here are our three winners:

Good Neighbor Hayley Raymer of Conroe, TX (nominated by Stephanie Laskoskie)

Stephanie’s twins were born 17 weeks early and had to stay in the hospital for 151 days. Having to split time between the hospital and home to care for her older children, too, Stephanie was ever so grateful for the support she received from her neighbor Hayley, who cooked meals for Stephanie and her family every week. But, it didn’t stop there. Once the twins were home from the hospital, Hayley continued to make Stephanie’s family two hot meals every week for a year. Plus, Hayley’s husband drove Stephanie’s older kids to sports practices and games. Hayley has been a tremendous support to Stephanie and is more than worthy of the good neighbor label.


Good Neighbor Jeff Darnell of The Woodlands, TX (nominated by Lorraine and Kenney Chabala)

Jeff is the handyman of his neighborhood. His generosity to his neighbors in the fix-it department knows no bounds. From home, car, electrical and plumbing repairs to lawnmowing and tree trimming, Jeff does it all. Need a helping hand? Jeff will be there. But, most noteworthy is that he’s a lovable single dad who provides for his daughter and two older children, including cooking meals and attending his daughter’s sporting events. When we called to let him know that he won, he told us that he had just helped a neighbor bury their cat the night before. His neighbors and the Chabalas can’t say enough good things about their super neighbor!

Good Neighbor Trish Mowery Landrum of Montgomery, TX (nominated by Stephanie Dawn Pacovsky)

Trish knows how to throw a party. When a neighbor’s birthday rolls around, Trish helps them celebrate by providing homemade cakes and dinners. But, she doesn’t just cook for special occasions. Almost every other night, Trish makes mass quantities of dinners to hand out to her neighbors. Need a ride? Trish will give you that, too. She’s always looking out for her neighbors and offering ways to help them, even the young ones, giving them opportunities to make some pocket money. It’s clear that Trish is always the first to celebrate her neighbors. It’s only fitting that we now have the opportunity to celebrate Trish and her kind and generous acts.

Congratulations to Stephanie, Jeff and Trish on exemplifying what it means to be a good neighbor! Enjoy this much deserved thank you and token of appreciation.

Everyone who submitted a nomination to our Good Neighbor Day contest was also entered for a chance to receive a $250 gift card to Robard’s Steakhouse as well. Congrats to Pat Hughes of The Woodlands, TX for winning this gift card, and thank you for nominating your good neighbor!

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