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Ways To Add Nutrition Into Your Child’s Diet

If your child is typical, he or she is probably turning up their nose at anything that even remotely looks healthy. Carrots, bananas, spinach … forget about it! However, there are many ways to “sneak” nutrition into your child’s diet without changing the taste of their favorite snacks and dishes.

  • Leading the way is with smoothies. Toss in a few leaves of spinach or kale, a fresh slice of fruit, half a banana, and top it off with protein powder and you’re serving up a delicious, nutritious swirl!
  • Get creative with vegetables. Shape them into an airplane, boat, car, or flower and you’ve just added fun to trying something healthy.
  • You can also dice or shred vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, or mushrooms sneak them to scrambled eggs, spaghetti sauce, or sloppy joe mix – incognito!
  • The same goes for chocolate chip cookie mix. Mix some pureed carrot, sweet potato, or spinach to the cookie dough to add nutrition to the sweets your child loves. And, it’ll give you an excuse to eat a few cookies too!
  • Make a fun watermelon “pizza” with yogurt and fruit toppings on the slices.
  • Slice apples into donut shapes and decorate them with peanut butter, nuts, and colorful sprinkles.
  • Add bananas and finely-grated zucchini to pancake mix and serve them with a “mane” of orange pieces.

Experiment with these ideas to propel your kids into a healthier lifestyle.  Bon appetite!