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YES to YOUTH is one of several notable causes that will benefit from the Spring Giving Campaign for new homebuyers in The Woodlands Hills.

YES to YOUTH (formally called Montgomery County Youth Services) is a non-profit organization that provides crisis counseling, shelter programs, prevention services and empowerment to young people to strengthen families, teach the youth that they are worth it, they deserve safety and security, and that they will succeed in life.

Their services include:

  • mental health counseling
  • presentations and school counseling in crisis situations
  • suicide prevention
  • street outreach for homeless teens
  • Healthy Support Program for pregnant and parenting teens, and
  • BridgeWay Emergency Youth Shelter (for ages 10-17)

Here is a story of one of YES to YOUTH’s former BridgeWay residents (her name is changed for privacy).

Shaley was removed from her family by Child Protective Services and placed at BridgeWay as an emergency placement. She was new to care. She was lost, frightened, and had no shoes. When Shaley was given a new pair of red Converse that fit her perfectly, she cried as she put the shoes on, saying, “These are the first new shoes I’ve had in two years.”

For the next few months, Shaley proudly wore those red converse shoes as she proceeded to excel in her academics and ROTC at school. She worked through a lot of trauma, pain and confusion by writing, talking, and participating in recreational therapy. Shaley came into BridgeWay afraid and crying. She left BridgeWay smiling and grateful. Fortunately, she was adopted by a family who is caring for her and providing safety and comfort.

On her last day at BridgeWay, one of the team members let her know where those red Converse shoes came from. He explained they were the last gift that he purchased for his mother, but she never had the chance to wear them. One day, he took them to work and prayed, asking God to guide him to gift the shoes where they’re supposed to go. That’s when Shaley stepped into the YES to YOUTH office, shoeless, saying that her shoe size is an 8. That team member held out to her the box of new, size 8, red Converse shoes.

Each contribution to YES to YOUTH impacts youth like Shaley. Through the Spring Giving Campaign initiated by The Howard Hughes Corporation®, $1,000 of each home sale during March and April will be donated to a charity of choice that includes YES to YOUTH as well the Montgomery County Community Foundation, Cy-Hope, Cy-Fair Educational Foundation, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Learn more about YES to YOUTH at